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Kangaroo Doorbell Camera + Chime

The Kangaroo Photo Doorbell is the easiest way to keep track of deliveries, house guests, family members and neighborhood happenings. Get a photo gifs sent to your phone when motion is detected or the doorbell button is pressed.

SimpliSafe Keyfob

Arm and disarm your security system by just pushing a button, compatible with SimpliSafe systems and works only with SimpliSafe packages. Panic Button: Pressing it alerts the emergency monitoring center that you need help fast with battery pre-installed: It's ready to work right out of the box.

SimpliSafe Smart Lock with PIN Key-Pad

Works with SimpliSafe security system: Engineered to ensure your whole home is always locked, the SimpliSafe Smart Lock syncs with your existing SimpliSafe system (New Gen) to secure your front door the minute you arm your system or set it to auto-lock. Locks up for you: With the Simpli Lock™ feature, you can program your door to automatically lock on a timer. Just in case you forget. Compatible with smart home devices: Sync your lock with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to use voice control to lock and unlock your home.

SimpliSafe Water Sensor

Compatible with SimpliSafe security system: This product only works with SimpliSafe packages. Quick alerts: Water sensors will alert you whenever it comes into contact with fluid. You'll also get text alerts if you have an interactive monitoring plan. Battery pre-installed: The water sensor battery is included. It's ready to work right out of the box. Easy to install: Offers flexible placement options.